How long will it take to install my carseat?
It really depends on how many car seats you have and how they fit into your vehicle. Bringing a copy of your car seat manual and having your vehicle manual to refer to, will make this process much easier and generally allow for a quicker installation. The appointment is generally 45 minutes but could take more or less time depending on the difficulty of the installation.
What do I need to bring?

Please bring your car seat(s) already installed as well as infant seat bases if required, car seat manuals and vehicle manuals. Having your seat pre-installed helps us determine what you are already doing correctly.

Feel free to also bring things that you may be using with your car seat on a regular basis; accessories, jackets, covers, etc. We can help you determine if these items are safe for use with your seats.

What if I don't have a copy of my car seat manual?

The internet is a great place to find this information!! Go the the manufacturer’s website and search for a copy of your car seat manual. You can also contact the manufacturer and they may send you a copy.

Printing a copy to bring with you, will help you to install your car seat in the correct manner according to the manufacturer’s guidelines.

Where is the car seat clinic located?
Currently the Fort St John Fire Hall is kindly allowing us to use one of their bays to hold the clinic. Please do not contact them to book an appointment as this can only be done through our online booking system.
Can I just show up at the clinic?
At this time, the car seat clinic is by appointment only. If you cannot make it to a clinic or would rather have a personal installation session, our trained CPSEs are available for appointments. Please refer to the “About Us” page for more information about our CPSEs, and how to contact them. Please note that any personal¬†appointments are not part of the car seat clinic, each CPSE schedules their own personal availability and may charge a fee for their services.